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Euro Project Lab S.r.l.s. provides advice, planning, management and trainings on the sectoral and structural funds of the European Union (ERDF and ESF) to private companies, public authorities, training and educational institutions, associations, foundations and non-profit organizations.  

Since 2013, Euro Project Lab aims at supporting the diverse stakeholders working in the field of culture, education and training as well as associations and voluntary organisation to seize the growth and development opportunities offered by the community funds.

Thanks to the skills and expertise of its staff, Euro Project Lab today counts on a wide network of clients and partners, such as SMEs and businesses, schools and educational institutions, training organizations and training agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, foundations, local authorities and trade associations.


Fondazione Spazio Reale, established in  2004,  is an accredited training agency for professional vocational training and teachers. Spazio Reale is a "digital city of knowledge": center of studies and research, promotion of social activities, training and educational center, orientation desk, sports and recreation space. Spazio Reale is a flexible and dynamic multi-purpose congress center, equipped to host national and international conferences and events. The Foundation organises cultural events, seminars, book presentations and organises vocational training and upgrading courses. It provides activities to support parents, families in difficult situations or people with disabilities. It ensures equal opportunities and citizenship rights to individuals and/or families from all status, nationalities, cultures and religions.



Atena S.p.A. is a training company that, since 2003, provides tailormade solutions aimed at increasing the skills of people outside and within the labor market.

In an economic model based on globalization and technological innovation, Atena believes that lifelong learning is the key for increasing the companies' competitiveness and guaranteeing added value to individuals. Atena S.p.A., with more than 20 branches in Italy, offers wide range of courses and training solutions to companies, individuals and professionals through diverse and flexible tools.



The VET Centre CO.VER.FO.P. was born in 1999 and is made up of a large number of stakholders: City of Vercelli, the Trade Association of Vercelli and Valsesia, the Association of Merchants and Shopkeepers (Ascom), the National Confederation of Crafts and SMEs (CNA), the Foundation Savings Bank of Vercelli, the Chamber of Commerce of Vercelli, the Craftsmen Labor Union, the Borgogna School, the Confederation of Operators in Commerce and Tourism (Confersercenti) and the Consortium of Commons for the Development of the Province of Vercelli (51 municipalities). The Consortium has the objective to:

  • offer specialisation trainings for young graduates/diploma holders from secondary and tertiary education to introduce them in the labor market;

  • retraining, convert and improve self-employed and employees’ professional skills;

  • prevent young and adult unemployment;

  • reintegrate long-term unemployed and people at risk of social exclusion;

  • empower and foster participation of women in the labor market;

  • implement local, national and transnational projects aimed at supporting economic and social cohesion.



Founded in 1974, the School of Music of Fiesole (Italy) has served as a benchmark for music worldwide for forty years. With 1,300 students, 7 orchestras, 6 choirs and 140 teachers, the School holds more than 200 performances per year. Through the "Orchestra Giovanile Italiana", one of the main educational projects, hundreds of former students received their fundamental professional training. Recently accredited to issue First Level AFAM Diplomas, the School provides also First Level Diploma for directors of young orchestras. As founder of ECMA -European Chamber Music Academy- the School collaborates with some of the most prestigious European music academies, among which the "Mozarteum" in Salzburg.

Since January 2012, more than 400 children and 50 adults have been offered free of charge music courses (instruments, choir and orchestra) thanks to the numerous initiatives launched by the School ("Italian Federation of children’s and youth Orchestras and Choirs" and "Nucleo" projects).


Esagramma is a clinical and educational Research Centre based in Milan (Italy)  working in the field of cognitive sciences, music psychology,  computational linguistics and multimedia communication. The Esagramma's activities target mainly young and adults people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (autism, cognitive and relational disabilities, genetic syndromes,...), specific learning disorder (such as dyslexia), degenerative and post traumatic syndromes, psychological or family distress, social fragilities. The educational and therapeutic methods available are unique in Europe and are based on the original Esagramma Methodologies® (MTO: Musico Terapia Orchestrale, EOI: Educazione Orchestrale Inclusiva, PLO: Prova L'Orchestra, OSI: Orchestra Sinfonica Inclusiva, IMM: Interazione MultiMediale, EVA: Educazione Vocale Affettiva, MVO: Music Virtual Opera, ECO: English CampOrchestra).

Awarded as “Centre of Educational Excellence”, it now offers specialisation and trainings based on Esagramma Methodologies®, to musicians, psychologists, pedagogists, physicians and teachers. A two-year postgraduate Master in "Musico Terapia Orchestrale" and "Educazione Orchestrale Inclusiva" is also available.